Terms & Conditions


Your registration is binding.

All prices are in CHF. All transaction charges are to be paid by the participant and must be added to the price quoted on the website.

The payment must be fully paid within 5 days otherwise your registration will be cancelled and your spot offered to other dancers.

If you register just several days before the Festival and we don’t receive you payment before your check-in, additional fee of CHF 15.- will be charged for payments in cash.


Registration for Blossom Blues Festival

We will not grant any refunds in case of cancellation of your participation in Blossom Blues Festival. However we gladly help you in finding replacement/selling your ticket to someone else.

Should you be sick or in an accident, we will refund you the full workshop price minus a handling fee of 30.- CHF. You need to provide a medical certificate to receive this refund.

Registration for Balance in Challenge

In case of cancellation of your participation in Balance in Challenge Workshop we will offer the refund as following:

  • Until 1 month prior to the workshop: 100% refund (minus CHF 30.- handling fee)

  • 1 month - 11 days before the workshop:50% refund(minus CHF 30.- handling fee)

  • From 10 days prior to the workshop: no refund, unless there is a waiting list/another person takes the spot.


Should any of the teachers or musicians not be able to appear, we will provide an appropriate replacement.

We preserve the right in case of non sufficient number of registrations to combine levels/classes.


Our staff and volunteers have a right to work in a safe and non-threatening environment. We reserve the right to refuse admission and/or contact with any person who displays verbal, physical and/or threatening behaviour towards our staff.

All dancers at Blossom Blues have the right to enjoy dancing in a safe and enjoyable environment where appropriate etiquette and behaviours are expected. We reserve the right to ask any person who displays inappropriate dance floor behaviour towards our dancers to leave the event.

“Blues & Alt-Blues Dancing Switzerland” reserves the right to turn down registrations or refuse entry to any part of the event.


There will be two types of tickets at Blossom Blues Festival you can choose from: 8 classes (Maxi Ticket) or 4 classes (Mini Ticket) over the weekend. All tickets include 3 parties on Fr, Sat and Sun.

The ticket price is composed as following: base price for the 8-classes workshop CHF 135, base price for each party with live music CHF 16.95, board and entertainment (which will include but not limited to: evening talk, open classes, midnight snack, tap water) CHF 29.15.


Insurance is responsibility of the participant. “Blues & Alt-Blues Dancing Switzerland” cannot be held responsible and declines any liability.


Zurich, Switzerland