Blossom Blues 2016

Wow, what an event! For the 5th time, slightly smaller in terms of dancers, but one more day of classes. Sooo much livemusic again, both during classes and also parties.For the second time , there was a Dancemode Immersion Camp before the festival, where 25 people worked on their dancing and movement for 5.5 days.The Festival itself followed the same concept like the previous year, no levels, choose your own classes. Just that those classes were accompanied by livemusic for more than 50% of them.There was also a warm-up party on Thursday and 4 major parties, all in all, there were 5 Parties with livemusic from 7 different bands, 3 of them had 2 different liveacts per night.That also meant that parties went on for longer. A big contribution also by the growing number of internationals visiting Zurich, which gave the festival a special drive. and the Swiss went along for the ride! :)For the first time, we cooked on site for 3 days, huge thank you for the Recess crew who made this possible. Fantastic delicious food!InstructorsBrenda Russell, Catherine Palmier, Justin Riley, Andrew Smith, Annette Kühnle, Gabriel Huot Workshop Musicians: Dan Nash, Janos Crecelios, Christoffer JohanssonPartiesThursday: Dan Nash, @ Barrio5Friday: The Jays, Christoffer Johansson, @ Tanzwerk101Saturday: The Blueswater, Christoffer Johansson, @ Tanzwerk101Sunday: Justina Lee Brown, Dan Nash, Burning Bright, @ Tanzwerk101Monday: Amaury Faivre Duo, @ Tanzwerk101Photos of Benoit Guerin Photography, Thank you!DOWNLOADS!!!Blossom2016_ScheduleBlossom16_ClassDetails Blossom2016_Booklet