Blossom Blues 2017

For the 6th time, Blossom Blues opened its doors to the blues dancers. This time in a more intimate setting at a new location, but still sooo much live music again, both during classes and parties.

The festival offered classes to 4 levels where about half of the classes were accompanied by live music. Additionally there was Franklin Friday, where the dancers could learn about Body Mechanics with Ruth.The parties started with the warm-up party on Thursday and were followed by 3 major parties All in all, there were 4 Parties with live music from 5 different bands, 2 different acts a night! Not to forget the many DJs from all over Europe that kept the dancers going all night.The new location Salsapeople was stunning, big rooms for classes and parties, as well as a lot of space to hang out and relax. The restaurant on site, Moringa Teff, was frequented by the dancers almost around the clock. Lunch catering from The Lemon Grass made sure all the hungry mouths were fed with delicious food.Thank you to everyone who contributed!


Catherine Palmier, Ruth Evelyn, Mike Grosser, Alba Mengual, Gaston Fernandez

Workshop Musicians: Dan Nash, Stefano Ronchi, Janos Crecelius


Thursday: Dan Nash & Stefano Ronchi, @ Barrio5

Friday: Dan Nash & Stefano Ronchi, Christoffer Johansson, @ Salsapeople

Saturday: Larry's Blues Band, Christoffer Johansson, @ Salsapeople

Sunday: Amaury Faivre Duo, Burning Bright @ Salsapeople

Photos by Benoit Guerin Photography.

Videos by Shane Meuwissen.